2014 in a nutshell

2014 for me has been the year of moving house and all the chaos that brings. Amongst the many things neglected this year is Chamber Cellos website, waiting in the background quietly giving off out of date information and looking sadly abandoned.

But Chamber Cellos events have carried on regardless and thrived in 2014, with two Dulwich weekends, a concert at CYM, an advanced players course and two wonderful residential courses. The enthusiasm and camaraderie of the participants at each of the events continues to be a happy feature of these courses, each player throwing themselves into the task, sometimes out of their comfort zone. But in a safe and supportive environment they rise to the challenges and enjoy experiencing the thrill of being part of a musical whole.

Memories of Chamber Cellos 2014 that will stay with me:  Dave joining us for Hogie Carmichael’s ‘Stardust’ on the trombone, the likes of which Stanbury had not heard before or since..;  Elaine’s brave and wonderful singing of Diamonds Are Forever;  Elaine’s fish pie; an exciting and spirited Kodaly at CYM; a really classy Beethoven trio by Gerard, Kate and Anne in La Maison; and a lost paddle (real and metaphorical) while going backwards down the rapids on an afternoon off in Roujan.

2015 is looking good!  –  St Stephen’s Church in Dulwich continues to welcome us into their beautiful warm surroundings for our non residential weekends. Sadly there is no Hewenden course this year, but Sedgwick Park is a stunning place to be instead in May with views to die for. At some point this year we will be welcomed back for a performance at CYM Morley College, and once again we will be at La Maison Verte in the summer.

You can find information on venues and prices here.

Wishing you all a warm and happy festive season.