Chamber Music Tutoring

Kim is an experienced chamber music player, a member of the Solarek Piano Trio for 12 years, the Wren Trio for 2 yrs, Harmonie Band for 25 yrs, Pisces Quartet for 10 yrs. She brings this experience to her tutoring, encouraging the all important communication within the group, discovering what you can achieve through listening, responding to each other, how to blend sounds, how to vary sounds, how to approach the learning of a piece, and much more.

Chamber music is one of the most satisfying and exciting mediums. It is an intimate setting yet the players are not alone, there is no hiding yet each player is supported. The depth of sound ranges from a single voice to something almost symphonic, and the repertoire is vast and diverse. Kim’s approach to tutoring chamber groups is to encourage exploration, to build player’s confidences, to work together, to find solutions to technical issues, and to understand and achieve the style of each piece of music.

For chamber music tutoring please contact Kim