Kim has given individual lessons for many years, in schools and privately, to children and adults, beginner to advanced. Her priority is to pass on the enjoyment of cello playing and to help each student reach their full potential what ever that level is.

No two students are the same. They differ in physicality, musicality, comprehension, attitude, background, expectation and motivation. The teacher’s job is to be wise to all this, to know when, how, and how much to push, and the best way to support.

Learning how to practise on one’s own is as important as the study of technique and musical correctness. Having a goal however small is a great motivator, whether it be an exam, audition, performance, the next lesson, group rehearsal, or just a thrash through some chamber music with friends. Kim’s younger pupils are encouraged to perform in school concerts, adults students are offered the chance to take part in ‘Performance Opportunities’ days.

Some students will go on to pursue a career in music and Kim’s wish for them is that they go into it confidently, wisely and enthusiastically. But not everyone has the aptitude or the wish to become a professional cellist. Kim’s hope for those students who will eventually hang up their cellos, is that they build a solid enough foundation and love of the instrument to have the capacity to pick it up again in later years, and that they understand the work they put in is not wasted.

The pleasure participants get from playing with others on Chamber Cellos courses is a reward gained from that hard work.

For enquiries about private tuition please contact Kim