‘It was just what music should be about. My cello is purring
contentedly in the corner…’

‘Dear Kim – I must just reiterate my thanks for the course. Just when I feel I have reached some kind of musical stasis, something unexpected comes along and opens it all up in such a disturbingly creative way. Thank you for whatever it is you so skillfully do that makes it all happen. I thought the playing struck exactly the right balance between fun and seriousness. The carrot of the monday afternoon concert brought a real focus to the weekend and gave a sense of direction to the rehearsals, but left us with time to enjoy ourselves without feeling pressured. The accommodation and food was superb, and it was such a nice group of lively and interesting people. Still raving about it.’

‘Thank you so much for such a happy and enjoyable weekend.  It reminded me why I play the cello, and what music-making is all about.  I love the way that a group of people of different abilities can all feel challenged by our parts but also supported and encouraged by you and by each other.  And then when you factor in such a warm and friendly bunch of participants, luxurious accommodation, superb food and a beautiful environment I can’t think how it could be bettered!  I look forward to the next one.’

‘Great course; best ever I’ll fill in the feedback form but can’t think of anything to improve on what was a great week’

‘Thank you again for a wonderful week – SO glad I came’

‘It’s thanks to you that the courses are as special as they are, attracting such wonderful people, some deliciously madder than others but all good-spirited and generous-hearted people. I really do feel very privileged to be part of it all.’

‘Thanks, Kim It was a fab relaxing week – just what the doctor ordered.’